MyCup™ Period Products are Made in New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important factor in choosing the right cup is knowing your cervix height. You need check this for every day during your period as your cervix can move. Once you know your cervix height you can have a good idea of what menstrual cup "height" you will need. Please see below video on how to find and measure your cervix. 

Here are the height measurements of MyCup. 

  • MyCup Size 0 (cup part only) height: 44.5 mm
  • MyCup Size 1 (cup part only) height: 44.5 mm
  • MyCup Size 2 (cup part only) height: 51 mm

The general rules of thumb for width size as follows:

  • Petite tampons only → MyCup Size 0
  • Petite and Small tampons only → MyCup Size 0
  • Small and Regular Tampons → MyCup Size 0 and/or My Cup Size 1
  • Regular Tampons only → MyCup Size 1
  • Regular and Super Tampons → MyCup Size 1 and/or My Cup Size 2
  • Super Tampons only → MyCup Size 2

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