Fleurcup (Made in France)


The Fleurcup menstrual cup, is made from 100% medical silicone with no colourants. It is supple and flexible and super comfortable to wear!

Fleurcup is made in France, a hygienic and reusable protection for women during their period, instead of using tampons or pads.

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The Fleurcup menstrual cup is made 100% out of medical silicone, without phthalates, without bisphenol A, without latex and without perfume. Fleurcup is hypoallergenic.

Which size to choose ?


The Small Fleurcup menstrual cup is adapted to adolescents, young ladies and for light flow periods.


  • Diameter: 41mm,
  • Height (not including stem): 47mm
  • Total volume: 25ml
  • Capacity (from the base to the air holes): 20ml, stem length: 23mm


The Large Fleurcup is adapted to women who have already given birth or who have heavy-flow periods.


  • Diameter: 46mm,
  • Height (not including stem): 52mm,
  • Total volume: 35ml,
  • Capacity (from the base to the air holes): 29ml, stem length: 18mm.

– 2 sizes: adapted to your needs.
– A balanced, rounded design, to ensure you can insert and remove your Fleurcup gently and easily.
– A ‘peach skin’ texture inside and out for easy insertion and removal and also for easy cleaning. It is soft to touch.
– No printed writing, either inside or outside of the Fleurcup menstrual cup to further ensure easy and efficient cleaning.
– Non slip ridges along the stem and on the base of the Fleurcup to ensure that your fingers don’t slip thanks to a good grip.
– A high capacity for each size to ensure maximum and long-lasting comfort. We have designed the Fleurcup menstrual cup so that each size offers the highest capacity with the minimum dimensions.
– 4 air holes for easy removal.
– The air holes have been carefully designed to enable efficient cleaning.
– The stem is a single unit with no difficult to access areas, to ensure easy and efficient cleaning.
– A fat stem, easy to hold.
– A supple stem for maximum comfort.
– A Long stem so that you can adapt it, if required, for your comfort.

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Small $20.00, Large $20.00

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